Kowalstwo artystyczne lubuskie | Informacje o firmie

About us

Artistic Blacksmith –  PAKET is a provider of artistic metalwork and utilitarian.

We offer a variety of design, they are both ready-made designs, as well as projects carried out according to individual wishes.

We provide free expert advice, measurement and valuation.

We aim to make the range of PAKET – Artistic Blacksmith was available to any interested person, which is why offered products and services are not only competitive prices but also, and above all good quality, fast execution times and professional installation.

Our offer includes:.:

  • GATES (double, sliding, self-supporting)
  • STAIRS (indoor, outdoor)
  • BALUSTRADY (indoor, outdoor, stairs, terraces, balconies)
  • GRILLE (doors, security windows and openings)
  • Interior Furnishings (racks, beds, tables, etc.)
  • Landscaping elements (bridges, garden, sheds, etc.)
  • Steel constructions.

All products delivered by PAKET – Artistic Blacksmith are hot dip galvanized, electrostatic wet paint or powder. The range of available colors is limited only by your imagination.

Company PAKET – Artistic Blacksmith invites you to read available galleries of our products.

You can also check the portfolio of available ready-made modern designs, from which you can select those that best suit your needs and expectations.

We invite you to ask questions, which certainly will be answered.

In order to simplify the process of contacting company PAKET – Artistic Blacksmith on site “Send inquiry” applied a special form. Please fill out all the required fields (address, title and content of the inquiry) and send us a message.

Thank you.